Congresos de GKA, [GKA EDU 2020] Congreso Internacional de Educación y Aprendizaje

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carmen Gloria Burgos

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The article briefly reviews progress with regard to ideas about creativity and its relationship to current educational processes. From a conception based on a “group of theories and currents”, to an updated conception, creativity is redefined within a social and cultural phenomenon that itself changes, which is evident in the educational praxis, and, which mark a pedagogical culture contrary to creativity. Finally, relevant aspects that differentiate an education for creativity and a creative education are addressed, which taking the most relevant aspects of creativity in context and situated allow to conceptualize it, to include it in the new proposals for the curriculum. The idea is to consider the nodal points of a creatic model that includes interactionist, integrative and holistic proposals.

Palabras clave

Creativity, education for creativity, creative education, curriculum.