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Using Ubuntu African Philosophy to manage community engagement (CE) project at University of South Africa
Soane Joyce Moche Mohapi

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The paper reflect on how Ubuntu philosophy was used to mange 500 schools project: making schools better, a project conducted in five rural provinces in South Africa. Forty six (46) academics from the Colege of Education at univeristy of South Africa reflected on connectedness, togetherness and cooperation, as partly a product of people's feeling inspired by the spirit of Ubuntu. On an epistomological level, Ubuntu philosophy implies that people consider knoowledge creation as being a collaborative effort. For the purpose of this paper, for schools to perform better, stakeholders in education should work together. Semi-structured interviews and questionnaires were used to collect qualitative and quantative data, the data was analysed through themes and statistically. Findings indicate that the management of the 500 schools project: making schools Better was somehow inspired by humanness and resonated with the worldview of Ubuntu African philosophy

Palabras clave

African cooperativeness; Co-ownership; Knowledge constructyion and creation; rurality