Congresos de GKA, [GKA EDU 2020] Congreso Internacional de Educación y Aprendizaje

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Aroona Hashmi

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Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) is a key component of teachers’ competence that affects on their self concept (SC).However; little is known about how teacher education affects the development of PCK? The objectives of the study were to investigate the prospective teachers’ perceptions about Pedagogical Content knowledge (PCK) and their self - concept (SC), and explored the relationship between prospective teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and their self-concept. The study was quantitative in design and data was collected through survey method. The sample was comprised of 670 (male and female) prospective teachers from two public universities of district Lahore. The respondents’ perceptions about Pedagogical Content knowledge (PCK) and self - concept (SC) at university level was measured through a questionnaire. Data were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. In descriptive statistics mean and standard deviations were calculated. While in inferential statistics i.e. independent samples t-test, and Pearson correlation was calculated to see the significance difference among demographic variables. Results confirmed that prospective teachers’ academic self-concept is empirically separable into PCK. Prospective teachers’ academic self-concept is differentiated at a very early state of teacher education and reflects PCK performance. Results indicated that there was significant relationship occurred between prospective teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and self –Concept (SC).This study recommends that in future the third domain of the prospective teachers’ knowledge that is pedagogical psychological knowledge must be addressed.

Palabras clave

pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), prospective teachers, self –Concept (SC), teacher education