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Reflection on intercultural communication awareness: The use of portfolios in pre-service teacher education.
Emily Marzin

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This research study examines how reflection can be employed to raise intercultural awareness in pre-service education during a BA course on intercultural communication. We explore the impact that portfolio, as a reflective tool, had on pre-service teachers’ intercultural communication competences. Portfolios provided opportunities and gave a framework to document and explain the learning process while students acquired new concepts and reflected on their future practice (Smith & Tillema, 2001; Wolf & Dietz, 1998; Barton & Collins,1993). In addition, authors in educational studies focus on the advantages that portfolios offer for in-service teachers to enhance reflection-on-action. Through self- and co-reflection, the present study provided initial thoughts on building intercultural communication competences in teacher training courses. The qualitative ethnographic methodology used written journal entries and classroom activities to develop reflection on intercultural communication competences applied to teaching practice. Fifteen future English as Foreign Language teachers enrolled in a BA programme in central Mexico took part in this study. The findings of this qualitative research show that through a written reflective routine, consisting of 25 portfolio entries, pre-service teachers gained intercultural communication awareness and developed skills to endorse cultural practices beneficial for their future students.

Palabras clave

Intercultural comunication, Portfolio, Pre-service teaching education