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A study on student’s motivation and engagement promoted by virtual learning environments (VLE)
Joana Catarina Jesus Guilherme, Carolina Carvalho

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ABSTRACT: Due to a fast paced society, adults and teenagers feel the urge to be constantly updated regarding the world around them. According to this, and following today’s emerging technological society, Francis (2007), states that it is important that school classrooms use and explore technological means of information. The same author also states that by using technological applications, teachers could add intrinsic value to their classes, thus providing a more interesting and fun environment within the classroom.

The aim of this research project is to explore the role of virtual learning environments on students’ motivation and engagement when learning a foreign language, such as the English language. To this end, we decided to apply the same program used on a previous and similar study, in which, for a month 28 fifth graders were taught to learn English vocabulary through the use of virtual learning environments.

Our results suggest that students felt more motivated and engaged within the learning process, stressing the quick feedback provided by virtual learning environments as well as its’ interactivity. Apart from that, we also noted that the use of VLE brought quality improvement regarding the learning process, once our students shown better results than they used to when taught through traditional learning methods.

Palabras clave

Motivation, engagement, technology