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Exploring Social Media as a Communication Tool for Student-Athletes and their Formators
Joram Kim Brillantes Corcuera

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What are the roles of social media in the formation of student-athletes? To answer this question, 20 formators, specifically professors, coaches, and athletic directors, from select institutions, namely: University of Santo Tomas (UST), San Beda University (SBU), and Philippine Normal University (PNU) were interviewed regarding their views and opinions on using social media as a communication tool in forming the character of the student-athletes. This study identified the roles of social media in the formation of student-athletes using Blumler, Gurevitch and Katz’s (1973) uses and gratifications theory (UGT) as a conceptual framework to explore how student-athletes and their formators use social media to fulfill and satisfy their needs. The researcher based the theoretical framework of the study on the core values of three selected educational institutions. Interview transcripts were analyzed using typological analysis following protocols from Hatch (2002). Results of the study showed that formators in UST, SBU, and PNU use social media to form student-athletes who have a strong character inculcated with positive morals and virtues. Results also revealed that formators in select institutions use social media to provide human needs in accordance with the UGT typologies of media use (Katz et al., 1973), which are cognitive, affective, personal integrative, integration and social interaction, and escapism.

Palabras clave

Social Media, Formation, Mediated Communication, Student-Athletes, Sports, Education