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Migrating minds - akıllı akıl sağlığı or smart mental health
Gamze Keklik

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What is Integration and does this happen one-sided through Immigrants? How does it look with Turkish immigrants in Germany? Does migration affect their mental health? Questions like these have been, are and should be essential for the future of Germany. Especially in the political debate, there should be paid more attention to this topic, because „mental health matters“. Meanwhile there are more than 12% Immigrants in Germany. The heterogen and cultural diversity in Germany has become something like an attribute. It has developed to an every day effect of Germany´s population. This begs the questions of how that affects the mental health of Turkish immigrants in Germany. Are there any kind of stereotypes or prejudices in society? These questions and other issues are highlighted using European and german comparative research literature, with a special focus on Turkish immigrants in third generation.

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migrants, migration, Turkish, german, mental health