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Mixed Culture of Muslim Artists in Bollywood: Neo-Islamic Diversion among Film Fans
Syed Aftab Alam

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Culture is a basic identification of any community with reference to its growth in history. Any community accepts cultural changes by the elite class. In contemporary world, politicians and movie stars are more likely to be imagined as elite class of any society. Due to communication technologies, these dignitaries are in maximum eyes of the population of the earth so ultimately, they have more effective part in global cultural change.

Indian Bollywood industry has a key role in cultural change due to the maximum population inhabitants in approximately all parts of the world. Ultimately, if someone wants to study the pulse of future cultural change especially in cultural traditions, costumes of marriages, love relationships and matrimonial life, the study of life of Bollywood stars can be a good literature of cultural change indicator.

In the research, it is about the contemporary Muslim culture in India, the case study of Muslims stars in Bollywood industry was done regarding their cultural traditions, costumes of marriages, love relationships and matrimonial life. It is found that influence of Hindu cultural is over whelming the lives of Muslims heroes as they are losing their Islamic ideological culture. It is therefore, can be concluded that the culture of majority influenced over minor community so in Muslim elite class, they are also going to practice Hindu culture all over world through Bollywood movies.


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Hindu Culture, Muslim Stars, Bollywood culture, Neo-Islamic, elite class Hindu culture